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12 June 2018

Crédit immobilier de France's Group results

The restructuring of Credit Immobilier de France continues in full compliance with the declared objectives.

06 June 2017

2016 Results Show that Crédit Immobilier de France has Taken Up the Challenges

The Group's common equity Tier 1 ratio at year end 2016 increased and reached 13,8% exceeding the minimum mentioned in th Protocol signed by the Republic of France. Furthermore, at their Meeting held  on 31 May, the shareholders voted to renew for another six year period the terms of the Board members (nine out of eleven) that had expired. A the close of the Meeting, the Board of Directors voted to reappoint Yannick Borde as its chairman, and to reappoint for six year terms Jerôme Lacaille and Thierry Gillouin respectively as Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

06 April 2017

Press Release

Crédit Immobilier de France sets the timetable and conditions for a complete restructuring of its office network and undertakes a major collaboration with MCS to save jobs and complete its extinctive management under secure conditions.

01 June 2016

Press release

23 September 2015

"AA2" is the 3CIF's new long term Moody's rating

This decision follows Moody's downgrading France's long term rating to "AA2" released on the18th September.


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